Tamiya 14044 Yamaha XV1000 Virago

Yamaha XV1000 Virago - Image 1
Méretarány: 1:12
Gyártó: Tamiya
Termékkód: tam14044
Elérhetőség: kapható!
9798 Ft vagy 15400 pont

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Súly:0.29 kg
FestésX-1 ,X-11 ,X-12 ,X-18 ,X-24 ,X-26 ,X-27 ,X-4 ,X-5 ,X-6 ,X-7 ,XF-1 ,XF-16 ,
Hozzáadva a katalógushoz:25.4.2007

The Yamaha XV1000 is a Japanese cruiser motorcycle that was first presented to the public in the early 1980s. The motorcycle belonged to the Yamaha Virago series. The XV1000 model was designed and implemented for production in order to expand Yamaha's commercial offer, as well as to gain for it as much as possible a segment of the cruiser motorbike market - especially in the United States. In this market, Harley-Davidson motorcycles were in direct competition with the XV1000. The Yamaha XV1000 was therefore somewhat based on the sales objectives of the XS650 Special, which was launched in 1978. The XV1000 was powered by a 2-cylinder 981cc 70hp engine. It ensured high travel comfort, it stuck to the road well, but in the initial models there were problems with starting the engine, which was eliminated in the course of production.

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Vélemény hozzáadása: Yamaha XV1000 Virago
Hozzáadva a katalógushoz: 25.4.2007
Elérhetőség: kapható!
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